Author: Michael Kwan

Grammar 101: Emigrate and Immigrate

With the US Presidential election right around the corner, and foreign ownership of Vancouver real estate a perpetual hot topic, we get bombarded with talk of immigration policies all the time. And it’s important that you understand the difference between what it means to emigrate and what it means to immigrate.

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Ba Le Sandwich Shop, Chinatown

When I was a kid, I’d go down to Chinatown with my parents or my grandparents to do our grocery shopping. There was always one specific store where we’d buy our fish. There’s one specific store where we’d buy our rice. There’s one specific store where we’d get our fresh produce. And then we’d have some lunch at the Boss or Maxim’s. But a lot has changed since the days of my childhood. Thankfully, even though things have changed, some things still stay the same. Part of this is because the face of the Chinese community in Vancouver has...

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Sunday Snippet: Chase Jarvis

“Being busy is not a sign of success. Being busy is a lack of priority. And by busy, I mean like crazy like, “Oh my god, I’m so busy.” That’s the lamest thing. Hey, how’s it going? What’s on? Oh, I’m so busy. That is lame. Can we stop that as a culture? Celebrating being stupid busy? I like to work hard. I start early in the morning and I work until late at night. I try to have some friend time in there, but I’m very, very focused. Busy, not without a plan. Busy with a plan is...

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The Best Gift

You see the overwhelming joy in his eyes? When you’re a kid, getting presents on your birthday or Christmas was a pretty big deal. That’s because you have practically no buying power, no real money of your own to spend on anything. As adults, that fades. Assuming you’re in reasonably good financial shape, you can buy a lot of things for yourself. That’s why it’s so hard to find the “best gift” for your friends, family and loved ones.

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