Istria’s Motovun by Steffani Cameron

It’s Wednesday, so we’re going on another journey through the Internet in search of great blog posts. Now fully engulfed in her “full nomad” lifestyle, Steffani Cameron looks back at her travels through Croatia earlier this year. In particular, she was entranced by the quiet solitude of towns like Hum, population 17. With a landscape “littered with abandoned ruins,” it is practically impossible to capture the magic of the area’s history and culture in mere photos and words.

Find yourself sitting at your desk, wasting those hours away and getting nothing done? Soham Amatya shares some top productivity tips for freelancers. One of the biggest perks about freelancing is that you largely get to set your schedule, so work that (no pun intended) to your advantage. Also, leverage the Pomodoro technique for timed breaks so you can maximize the output of your creative sessions.

On a much more somber note, Chris Farley Ratcliffe recently lost his father and he’s been fighting to “unravel” his feelings about the whole situation. As he reflects back on their relationship, Chris recounts some key life lessons that he learned from his dad. For starters, there’s no such thing as men’s work and women’s work. “There is just work that needs to be done.” Just remember to keep smiling and laughing while you do it.

After sharing so many stories and memories, Conor O’Gorman has decided that he’s packing it in. The Outdoors with Dad blog has drawn to its conclusion and Conor says it has been great fun “connecting with so many amazing people” over the course of his blogging journey. He worked to capture the magic of those outdoor adventures with his kids, encouraging all other parents to do the same.

Perhaps it’s not just Conor who is putting an end to blogging, through. Jeet Heer talks about the death of blogging in light of the recent shuttering of As you’ve likely noticed, blogging a decade ago is very different from what we see in the world of blogging today. The platform held so much promise with so much potential, but we must wonder if it really delivered on the “utopian claims made on its behalf.” With the biggest success stories looking increasingly commercial and corporate, is blogging really a personal place anymore?