PNE 2011

I’ve written about the concept of FOMO (fear of missing out) before. When you see all your friends doing all sorts of amazing things on social media, your life can feel awfully ordinary by comparison. But FOMO extends beyond Facebook and Instagram. For Alison Tedford, one of the bigger challenges is trying to overcome this sense of missing out as a working mother. Your kids are only going to be young once and you want to be there for every moment. It’s just not realistic.

Continuing with this week’s speedlink, we look forward to the biggest event of Vancouver’s summer. Rebecca Bollwitt has compiled some of the easiest ways for you to save on admission at the PNE. By saving a couple bucks at the gate, you can spend that “extra” money on more mini donuts and footlong hot dogs. The concert series can be pretty great too. We went to see Our Lady Peace a few years back and we’re looking forward to seeing Dru Hill this year.

As much as we can get caught up in FOMO, we can equally lose sight of what we’re doing at any given moment. Aaron Yavelberg observed a heated argument between two men on the subway. While a language barrier prevented his full understanding, he noticed the young son of one of the men watching the fight totally expressionless. Is that boy’s father indirectly teaching his son that yelling at someone is the best way to solve a problem? Be careful what you do in front of your kids, because they’re always watching and learning.

Are you excited for PAX West (formerly PAX Prime) in Seattle? Before you hurl yourself headlong into a full weekend of gaming nerdiness, take a moment to read the guide written by Jeremy Lim for PAX first-timers. I’ve been to PAX a few times, every time as a member of the media covering the event, but I’d say that Jeremy’s advice is certainly sound. Plan carefully and be prepared to wait in a lot of lineups. And definitely partake in the classic console and retro arcade.

And finally, we can all live vicariously through Pavlina Toren as she opens up her travel diary to us with her trip to Huntington Beach. Most people think of Hollywood and Disneyland when they think about Los Angeles and southern California, but there is definitely something to be said about soaking in some sun and waves at a great beach resort. Don’t forget the sunscreen and bask in those glorious views.