What's Up Wednesdays: Creative Podcast

It’s time once again for another speedlink here on Beyond the Rhetoric. You might recall when I had the opportunity to chat with Joseph Planta and Jackie Pierre last week. Now, the first episode of Two P’s in a Podcast is available for your listening pleasure. In the series premiere, they talk about Vancouver’s cost of living, best tipping practices, letting kids stay at home alone, celebrities and the man who once played Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable.

In an entirely different podcast, Tommy Riles and Art Eddy are joined by special guest Tony Hawk on The Life of Dad Show. It can be argued that Tony Hawk may have single-handedly brought competitive skateboarding into the mainstream, helping to legitimize the sport and others like it. They talk about boarding, as well as video games, awards, charitable work in the community and the experience of fatherhood in the modern world.

When you first embark on a creative career, you may be fueled by unbridled enthusiasm. And then, as Dan Blank explains, you eventually hit a mid-career crisis where fear “can creep in, grab hold, and trap us.” After you’ve developed your business and built up your portfolio, the crushing possibility of losing it can leave you trembling. The fear of public failure can be positively paralyzing.

I prefer to live in the big city for a number of reasons, but it’s not for everyone. Stacey Robinsmith takes a moment to compare life downtown with a life in the burbs. Immediate access to a Starbucks within a stone’s throw of your home is one major difference, for example, as well as the type of grocery stores that typically populate your neighborhood. Do you prefer a quieter suburban life or you don prefer to live in the middle of the action downtown?

Last but not least, professional Internet marketer Zac Johnson takes a look at the hidden meanings of corporate logos. We all recognize just how important it is to have a great logo for your company and it provides an immediate sense of what your business is all about. But did you know that the Amazon logo has that “smile” arrow because it connects the A and Z in the name, indicating that the online vendor sells everything from A to Z?