I’ve featured some video game lists in the past, but this latest one from Stuttering Craig of ScrewAttack has to take the cake.

He’s right. As a gamer, these are the moments that make video game playing worthwhile… and they’re also the ones that are the most frustrating. I identify the most with #9. That game was seriously messed up, because it connected the sanity of your character with your real-life sanity. There were so many moments in Eternal Darkness that made you go WTF. Vanishing point shrinking, corrupt memory cards, phantom insects crawling across your screen… seriously crazy stuff.

Do you agree with this list of the top 10 OMGWTF moments in video games? Is there a seriously epic or shocking moment that you feel should have made the list? Maybe it was the moment when your mom said she wanted to buy a Nintendo Wii? I’d love to hear about your video game nostalgia. Oh, and be forewarned that Craig does drop the F-bomb on a few occasions. Parental guidance is suggested. 🙂