This is probably a conflict of interest, but I’m going to do it anyways. This is my blog and I’m going to do whatever I want.

I’ve been working with John Chow for a little while now, writing reviews for The TechZone as well as filling in some guest blogger duties over at his blog, John Chow dot Com, wherein he mostly tries to dispense tips on how to make money online. His primary focus is not for people that do freelance writing like me, but rather people hoping to score plenty of bucks through blogging. John did make over $7,000 last month, so I’d say he knows what’s talking about, even if he has made a few enemies for trying to make too much money through advertising and sponsored posts.

He’s been called the root of all evil and for good reason. He does partake in a few activities that may be seen as slightly less than ethical. He disrespects lobsters, attacks Technorati, and even gets himself banned (and unbanned and then banned again) from Digg. His most recent evil scheme involves giving a free linkback to anyone that’ll help him with a Google bomb. Sadly, I’m a part of those evil ways.

In my experience, John can come off as arrogant and uncouth at times (his spelling and grammar are also deplorable), but at other times, he can be quite generous and helpful. He happily assists me with any WordPress woes I may have, and he continually donates to charity. In many ways, he’s a walking contradiction. But he’s mostly evil… and proud of it.