Tomorrow night is the Vancouver opening of Bolloxed, a play by Darren Barefoot. Yes, the same Darren Barefoot that I commented about in my Keep Marketing Away from the Manuals entry. Bolloxed is one of the many plays that is being including in the Vancouver (and Victoria) Fringe Festival(s), and based on the reviews thus far, it should be quite the show. It’s distinctly a comedy, it appears, as the brunt of many of the jokes surrounds the concept of testicular pain. Yes, testicles.

Here’s the blurb from the official site:
Set in Dublin, Ireland, at the height of the dot-com boom, Canadian
computer programmer Jack is struck by love and a God-awful pain in his
‘bollocks’ at precisely the same moment. While he may have found the
woman of his dreams, discovering the source of testicle pain is, well,
more sensitive. Will a clash of cultures and the nagging feeling that
things just aren’t right kill the romance for good?

Look for a brief review late tomorrow night with some initial impressions and a full(er) review following maybe a day later. The show is being held at the Playwrights Theatre Centre in Granville Island. There are six performances in all, with the last showing on Sunday, September 17th.

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