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Grammar 101: Hunger Pangs or Hunger Pains

Here is another one of those situations involving words that don't normally come up every day. And even when they do, they are much more commonly spoken than they are written, leading to a very common misinterpretation and spelling mistake. This is the case if you want to talk about a man's grisly (not grizzly) beard, for instance. And if it's been far too long since you had lunch and your stomach is starting to rumble and squeeze in anticipation of dinner, you may be suffering from hunger pangs. Or are they hunger pains?

Just Dad Things

What’s Up Wednesdays: A Spooky Smurf

With (Canadian) Thanksgiving now behind us, it's time to look forward to the spookiest time of the year. Kicking off this week's collection of blog posts, Kristyl Clark has organized a great list of Halloween events in the Fraser Valley. If you're in search of a good scare on the other side of the Fraser River, there's no shortage of haunted houses to enjoy. There's even a "scream train" in the forest of Bear Creek Park, populated by the walking dead "who roam the platform."

Food & Travel

Dinner at The Pear Tree Restaurant

Many people assume that all the best restaurants in Vancouver are located in the downtown core. You can't blame them. From Gotham to Chambar to Miku, there's plenty of good eating. Some people might tell you to cross the bridge into Kitsilano for some terrific restaurants too. The suburbs? You might find some great casual spots, but nothing for fine dining, right? The Pear Tree in Burnaby Heights could be one of the glaring exceptions.


What My Two-Year-Old Has Been Reading

Last week, I told you about what I've been reading for the last few months. I've dabbled in everything from time-traveling wizards to noodle-cooking human pandas. Realistically though, most of my reading has been with my daughter who just turned two. As you can imagine, she's not terribly interested in emotional memoirs. She wants colorful characters and simple storylines.



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